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Home Wine Storage – Do’s and Don’ts

Suitable wine storage can be scaled to fit anyone’s budget. Whether it takes the form of a small wine fridge in the corner of your kitchen or sprawling shelving in a stone-hewn cellar, the same guidelines must be followed to ensure the vitality of your vino.


    • Keep the temperature of your cellar or storage unit at 55°F (unless the wine manufacturer specifies otherwise)
    • Keep your wine storage temperature consistent to avoid cork warping and oxidation
    • Keep storage relative humidity levels between 60% and 68%
    • Store wine bottles on their side to keep the corks moist


    • Allow the temperature of your wine storage to drop below 25°F (it will freeze)
    • Allow the temperature of your wine storage to rise above 68°F (it will turn sour)
    • Allow relative humidity levels to exceed 70% (unless you want cork mold and damaged labels)
    • Expose your wine to excessive sunlight or vibrations (laundry rooms are a no-go)
    • Store your wine in a regular refrigerator

With Surge Alert’s 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring, you can manage your wine collection and guarantee that it will age gracefully. This protects any profit you hope to gain by investing in wine and eliminates any potential dinner-party dilemmas. Our IoT software will alert you when conditions become unfavorable so you can mitigate any mishaps. Cheers!

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