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Tips for a Tip-Top Greenhouse

Pest Control is Paramount
While pesticides provide temporary relief from infestations, they’re not nearly as effective and ecologically friendly as beneficial insects. Depending on which kind of pests are plaguing your greenhouse, an introduction of nematodes, ladybugs, predatory mites or spiders will provide lasting pest control.

Wash Your Windows
Keeping the glass panels of your greenhouse windows dirt and debris-free is crucial to maintaining proper sun exposure. This maximizes the potential for photosynthesis, resulting in healthier, hardier plants.

Black Works Best
Painting the interior surfaces of your greenhouse black will increase heat absorption and retention which is especially important during winter months. Plants get cold too!

Plant Trees if You Please
Planting deciduous trees around your greenhouse can give your plants necessary shade from the harsh summer sun. In the winter, these trees lose their leaves, allowing more light to enter for added warmth. If space is an issue, the same effect can be achieved by installing shades along your greenhouse windows!

Caulking is Key
Inspect the exterior of your greenhouse regularly for any holes or gaps. These openings act as an way in for pests but can easily be filled with caulk to prevent any possible plant damage. Proper Pruning The removal of all dead leaves, branches and other plant components is critical for the heath of your plants. Disease and damage can spread quickly to other parts of the affected plant and to other plants in the immediate vicinity.

Care for Your Climate
Fans, heaters and ventilators are a great way to keep the climate of your greenhouse consistent. With the addition of Surge Alert, you can monitor temperature and relative humidity in real-time. Set custom thresholds for your optimal growth climate and receive alerts when conditions become unfavorable. Damage from equipment failure or extreme weather conditions can be avoided with our versatile sensor devices and easyto-use smartphone application.
Follow these tips and your flora will flourish. Happy growing!

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