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Monitoring all of your product is a difficult task. Existing logging methods, such as spot checks with pen and paper, take too much time and waste resources. Surge Alert offers 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring accessible right from your smartphone.

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We’re leading the climate monitoring revolution.

Our versatile sensors can be placed wherever your product is stored; climate data is continuously transmitted to the cloud and logged for accurate record-keeping.

Surge Alert’s sensors allow you to wirelessly monitor product where it is most vulnerable—you can even see current conditions of units across multiple locations.

Easily manage spoilage.

Surge Alert’s sensors monitor your refrigerator or freezer unit 24/7.

If climate conditions skew outside of your custom-set thresholds, you will receive an immediate notification from your Surge Alert app.

This makes Surge Alert an invaluable tool in loss prevention, giving you ample time to react and combat unnecessary spoilage.

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Learn more about our smart solutions for stores and restaurants with this free brochure.

    Minimize waste and spoilage

    Minimize waste and spoilage

    Receive real time alerts if a unit goes outside of normal range

    Increase revenue and profits

    Easily maximize yields and ROI by constantly monitoring conditions

    Low Cost, Simple Installation

    All of Surge Alert’s equipment is low cost and easy to set up

    Surge Alert’s automated system alerts your team without constantly watching

    Regulatory Compliance

    Achieve compliance through our remote monitoring

    Historical Reporting

    View reports with complete history of all your units at any time



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    Surge Alert beacon senses changes in temperature and humidity in real-time

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    Surge Alert IoT notifies user of environmental changes through the Surge Alert app

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    User is given plenty of time to react, mitigating any potential damage or loss

    Why Choose Surge Alert?

    Easy to Set Up and Use

    Set up Surge Alert units in minutes with our simple guided process

    Low Cost

    Beacon sensors start at just $X – with low subscription rates

    Incredible Range

    Read beacons up to 250 ft – or from anywhere with solar gateways

    Long Life

    Low power usage and solar charging add up to extended time in the field

    Multiple Sensor Types

    Temperature, Impact, Motion, Light, Humidity – track any or all of these

    Widely Used Protocols

    Bluetooth Low Energy can be read by any phone with our app

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