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Summer Heat and Heat Stroke: Eluding Illness
Summer is here! Unfortunately, along with sunny weather comes the increased risk of
heat exhaustion and heat stroke, especially for your pets. While us humans have
millions of sweat glands to help us cool off efficiently, our furry friends can’t say the
same. Follow these tips to keep your pets healthy and happy in warmer weather:
Supervise, Don’t Jeopardize
Leaving your pets unattended outside or anywhere else for too long can result in heatrelated illness and in extreme cases, death. If you’re going away for the weekend, hire a
pet-sitter or drop them off at a care facility!
Ensure Shade and Shelter
Always make sure that your pets have adequate shade and shelter on hot days. All that
fur makes direct sun exposure dangerous.
Give More Water When It’s Hotter
Hydration is always important but even more so in the summer season. Unrestricted
access to clean and cool drinking water is paramount in preventing heat-related illness.
Pro tip: the water content in canned or wet food can hydrate pets that don’t seem to
be drinking enough.
Don’t Leave Them in the Car if You’re Going Far
Most people know the dangers of enclosed vehicles on sunny days. According to the
American Veterinary Medical Association, the internal temperature of your vehicle can
rise 20°F in just 10 minutes, even with the windows cracked! Try Surge Alert’s Bestfriend Beacon
Our revolutionary technology allows you to monitor the climate of your pet’s
environment regardless of where they are. Our Bestfriend Beacon Starter Kit includes
our All-In-One Cellular Gateway which monitors temperature, humidity and light. Set
personalized thresholds in the Surge Alert app and receive alerts when your pets are in
Please Note: Brachycephalic breeds have a decreased capacity for thermoregulation
and are at increased risk for heat stroke

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