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Greenhouses & Farms

Give your green thumb a break with automated climate monitoring.

Medical Herb

Keep tabs on your terpenes with climate monitoring for growth, curing and storage.

Wine & Cigars

Streamline storage with active temperature and humidity management.

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Surge Alert beacon senses changes in temperature and humidity in real-time

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Surge Alert IoT notifies user of environmental changes through the Surge Alert app

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User is given plenty of time to react, mitigating any potential damage or loss

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Protect Your Plants

When operating a greenhouse, it’s important to maintain environmental conditions that best suit your plants’ needs. Surge Alert helps you keep climate conditions in check with 24/7 temperature and relative humidity monitoring. Read More

Our Greenhouses & Farms Starter Kit includes:
  • (1) Rugged BLE Beacon
  • (1) All-In-One Cellular Gateway (Plug-In)
  • Access to our IoT software and smartphone application
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Greenhouses & Farms Starter Kit

3 Months FREE Cellular Data + Cloud Storage
Medical Herb

Defend Against Mold and Bacteria

Excessive humidity will cause mold to grow during the growing cycle, when curing and even in storage. Surge Alert helps keep your flower fresh from inception to consumption, providing you with detailed climate data every step of the way. Read More

Our Medical Herb Storage Starter Kit Includes:
  • (1) Standard BLE Beacon
  • (1) Two-Way Humidity Control Pack
  • Access to our IoT software and smartphone application with no monthly fee
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Medical Herb Storage Control Kit

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Geneva Lakes Produce, LLC:

“With Surge, […] I can see […] an hour ago [the temperature] was this, two hours ago it was that; I can see if it’s slowly declining, if it’s sitting consistent—you know, it’s just helpful for me [with] early growing.”

CNN Dairy Distributors, Inc.:

“On the weekend when I’m not there—my truck’s getting warm, [Surge Alert will] send an alert […] and I know then instead of knowing after the fact…to me, that’s the whole thing in a nutshell.”

Gabby's Gourmet Bagelatessen:

“For instance, the refrigerator goes down, it’s not the right temperature and [with Surge Alert] I know immediately. I can move the product rather than let it sit there for three, four…five hours until somebody figures it out on their own and […] it’s spoiled.”


Rugged BLE Beacon

This battery-powered device monitors temperature and light. It’s rugged construction allows it to be placed in environments of any kind.


Standard BLE Beacon

This battery-powered device monitors temperature and relative humidity.


All-In-One Cellular Gateway (Plug-In)

This plug-in device monitors temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and light in addition to its GPS capabilities. As a gateway, it also monitors any beacons within range.


WiFi Gateway Reader

This plug-in device monitors any beacons within range, transferring their data to the cloud.




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Place the BLE beacon in the space you need to monitor.

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Attach the gateway-reader within 190 ft. of the BLE beacon.

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